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Winter in Glacier National Park

National Park Trips

Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks offer endless winter adventure

Winter in the National parks

As the snow begins to fall in Montana, the bustle of summer and autumn crowds disperse and the landscape becomes covered in a glistening blanket of white. Winter is the perfect season to explore Big Sky Country. Home to two national parks, Glacier and Yellowstone, winter is one of the most peaceful and magical times to visit.

One Day in Glacier National Park

Four options for the perfect trip in Glacier Country's winter wonderland


Two Days in Glacier National Park

Forge ahead with 48 hours of pristine adventure in Glacier Country


Three Days in Glacier National Park

Discover 72 hours of winter majesty in Glacier National Park.


10 Ways to Discover Yellowstone

Under a blanket of snow, the park comes quietly alive each winter as neighborhood wildlife reclaim its old stomping grounds, hot springs bubble and mist in the cool air, and geysers erupt in crystalline steam. Here are 10 transformative winter experiences in Yellowstone National Park.