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Skier skiing through trees

Powder's Ultimate Winter Experience

Endless adventure and spectacular views make Montana a snow-covered paradise.

The Ultimate Winter experience

No other winter experience in the U.S. is quite like Montana’s. It’s the crisp air, the stunning mountains, vast and diverse terrain and immense snowfall. The state has high-end modern amenities and easy accessibility to airports, and yet these mountains rarely have crowds.  Ski areas dot the state—Montana has 14 in all, from charming family-owned gems to world-class resort destinations. The Big Sky State truly has something for every visitor, including more than skiing and snowboarding. The national parks—Glacier near Whitefish in the northwest part of the state and Yellowstone near Bozeman in the southwest—are practically mind-altering. Wildlife is ubiquitous throughout the state. The state is also full of great hot springs, spas, restaurants and lodges. This is why the winter experience in Montana is unlike anywhere else in the world.

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World Class Experiences

Montana’s two largest ski resorts, Big Sky and Whitefish, are premier destinations.


Down Home and Deep

Places like Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Turner Mountain, Maverick Mountain, and Bear Paw Ski Bowl are where the heartbeat of ski culture keeps ticking.


Family Getaway

Red Lodge Mountain and Discovery Ski Area offer great opportunities for the family.


The Road Less Traveled

Itineraries for those looking to experience several ski areas and towns on one trip