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Ranch at Rock Creek


At a Montana ranch, you'll experience western hospitality with some adventure mixed in. Here is where you can go horseback riding through spectacular terrain and see the sun set over the mountain tops. You can get your hands dirty with ranch chores, cattle-drives, and everyday cowboy ventures. Want to get out of the saddle? Hike neighboring trails, raft down rapids, or go fly-fishing on a nearby stream. Feel the spirit of the West with cookouts, campfires, and cozy accommodations. Breathtaking adventures are waiting for you in some of the most beautiful areas Montana has to offer. 

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Home on the Range

Kid Friendly
Ranches are essential to the West's rich history and culture. Today visitors can experience the cowboy way without sacrificing the comforts of first-class lodging.
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Find a Dude Ranch

At Montana dude ranches horseback riding is the central activity. Fly-fishing and other varied western activities also await you.
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Find a Working Ranch

Montana working ranches allow you to experience life as a cowboy – with cattle drives, round ups and ranch work.
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Find a Resort Ranch

Montana resort ranches offer western activities with higher end amenities and dining experiences.
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See All Guest Ranches

Looking for an ranch vacation but not sure which type? Browse them all!
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Montana Guest Ranches Where You Can Unleash Your Inner Dude

"Some vacations are meant to see something specific and others are meant to escape from it all. At one of the more than 100 Montana guest ranches, you can do both."
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Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana

From Local Wanderer
"After exploring Southeast Montana, we drove a few hours west to Big Sky, Montana near Yellowstone National Park. Now this is the place to be!"
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