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Top 10 Hikes in Yellowstone

From Jake Bramante


1. Mt. Washburn

Hike up an old road past open meadows and gnarled rock faces to the panoramic views of Yellowstone at the lookout.
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2. North Rim Trail

Follow along the rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone as the mighty Yellowstone River changes from a slow, broad river to a frothing whitewater rapid that spills over as two incredible waterfalls. Then continue along the canyon with otherworldly formations made of yellow, white, and red rocks.
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3. Clear Lake - Ribbon Lake Loop

Start at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone with views of the Upper Falls before traversing through meadows. Stop at the hydrothermal Clear Lake, then continue to the lily pad covered Ribbon Lake, and finish the hike along the South Rim.
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4. Avalanche Peak

This steep trail in the Absaroka Range winds through a forest with beautiful views. Take in the unobstructed views of the mountains and Yellowstone Lake from the peak’s shoulder to summit.
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5. Fairy Falls

Walk along the Firehole River, past Grand Prismatic Spring, and through a lodgepole pine forest to the tall, delicate Fairy Falls. Then continue to geysers and open meadows as you make your way back to the Firehole River.
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6. Storm Point Nature Trail

This varied loop has you starting out by a quaint pond with large meadows frequented by bison. Continue through a dense forest and finish the hike at the vast shore of Yellowstone Lake.
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7. Trout Lake

Climb up through flower meadows and an old forest to a small, picturesque lake surrounded by trees, rolling meadows, and rocky cliffs.
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8. Pebble Creek

The gorgeous upper meadows of Pebble Creek are broad, relaxing, and surrounded by distressed, rocky cliffs and are accessed by a steeper trail through a pleasant forest.
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9. Yellowstone River Picnic Area Trail

Travel along the rim of a narrow canyon of the Yellowstone River that has carved unbelievable rock formations. Pair this hike with the Specimen Ridge trail through open meadows to create a wonderful loop through open meadows.
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10. Beaver Ponds Loop

From Mammoth Hot Springs, hike through forest and meadow. Explore vast vistas and quaint ponds that teem with wildlife including the area’s populous elk.
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Yellowstone National Park has over 1,000 miles of trails. For more hikes explore these options.
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About Jake Bramante

In 2011, Jake Bramante became the first person to hike all 734 miles of trail in Glacier National Park in one summer. He documented his experience starting with McDonald Creek trail on his blog, Hike 734.

After receiving questions about the best way to experience Glacier National Park, Bramante published a driving guide for the Going-to-the-Sun Road in 2013. In 2014, he published his Day Hikes of Glacier National Park Guide. 

Since his experience with Glacier National Park, Bramante has helped visitors navigate other national parks. He has completed a day hikes guides for Zion and Yellowstone National Parks. 

Bramante continues to blog about his adventures by sharing videos and photos in Glacier, Yellowstone, and wherever else his shoes hit the trail.

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